Contemporary etchings and mezzotint engravings where tradition and discipline are echoed in the japonesque essence of the pieces, shaping the viewing experience by inviting you to look a little closer and consider for a little longer.




Studies underpin my key works; they’re not plans but development pieces which show the evolution of ideas and practice. These are often more involved than sketchbook work and tend to be experimental.

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a little bit of balance

The work which comes from what I class as ‘balancing practice’ is made to create and maintain movement in my drawing practice. The labour and time intensive activity involved in creating the key pieces needs to be balanced with fluid mark-making, so on a fairly regular basis I go through exercises to freshen activity.

A good way to get original art on your walls is to buy sketchbook pieces; they’re good talking points especially if you can reflect on the key works which follow; they often have a lot of energy in them and  can benefit from cropping and framing, so, once they’ve done the job I need them to do for me then  mine are all for sale (untitled and unframed). Please contact me if you require further information on size and medium.

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  • ‘Conversation’

    I’ve started a new series of work using acrylic or oils + gold leaf on board; this is the first, titled ‘Conversation’ (size 122 x 60.5cm unframed) The next piece needs an expanse of ultramarine oil – Lush!...

  • Tate Tour

    There are so many unmissable exhibitions at the Tate this summer that I’ve been on a little tour and become a member.    ...

  • Inspired by Coleridge

    Etching inspired by ‘Frost at Midnight‘ Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834) It’s my entry to the Tabernacle Art Competition 2016 held at MOMA Machynlleth in association with the Machynlleth Festival and Coleridge in Wales Festival. It’s a one-off etching finished in pastel and gold leaf and......